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Taxidermy Direct® means business.  Use our suite of online tools to get organized, promote your business, reach your financial goals, work smarter, and focus on your passion!  In this fast-paced world you need business tools today that will give you results tomorrow.

Our software is mobile friendly.  Move effortlessly between smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.   At work or at home, wherever you have the internet, you’ll have Taxidermy Direct®.

Create your own mini-website and increase your online presence. Use our simple website editing tool to tell your story, showcase the quality of your work, and to connect with more sportsmen and women. Generate new sales and continue doing what you love.

Get Organized

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Lifetime Access

Use your preferred device; Windows, Mac, Linux or a variety of smartphones or tablets.  If you are not completely satisfied with Taxidermy Direct® export your data and take it with you.   Register now for your 30 day free trial.  No credit card required.


Access and display your business data anywhere, anytime, on any device.


Go beyond the basics of simple book-keeping. Use our reporting engine to analyze your overhead expenses, material costs, and labor to suggest retail pricing that meets your own unique situation. Couple this with our Aging Report and Financial Dashboard and now you have some serious business tools to manage your pricing and cash flow in real-time.

Easily track your clients, suppliers, sales, expenses, and trophy location. Never misplace a receipt, insurance documentation, or valuable warranty information again. Simply upload a digital copy at any time for safe keeping.

The key to pricing success is a firm grasp of your overhead rate. Once this is known everything else falls into place. Your overhead rate should be calculated periodically, perhaps annually. It will vary depending on your actual costs and how well you manage them, and how efficiently you work. Don't leave money on the table when pricing. It needs to provide you with a decent wage and a fair profit.   Read More...


Reach Your Financial Goals

Promote Your Business

The Buck Stops Here - John Jennings' blog on the business aspects of taxidermy

Never worry about losing your business data. We backup your data every day.

Use our Productivity grids and Workflow templates to manage your daily, monthly, quarterly, or annual workload. Or create your own. Track client trophies from intake to pick-up and every step in between, including its whereabouts and deposits collected.

Work Smarter

Before answering this question you need to ask yourself, “Why do I want to be a taxidermist?” Your business will be an expression of your skills, knowledge, and passion. You need to consider yourself, your situation, and what you want out of life, and build your business around that. Your marketing will determine the type of customer you will attract and that, in turn, will determine how you are compensated.   Read More...

For the tech savvy taxidermist that understands the cloud, Taxidermy Direct® changes everything. Most taxidermists have a smartphone in their pocket and that’s all you need to run our software. It’s always on, when and where you need it, just like email or Facebook. We do the heavy lifting for you by managing the security of your data and protect it with regular backups.

Focus On Your Passion

Let’s examine the triangle a little closer. Instead of using better, faster, and cheaper we will use quality, service, and price. The triangle then becomes an easy way to segment your clients and truly understand what they value.  By knowing what our clients value the most we can be specific with our marketing and attract the clients we want.  Our effort and energy will be focused on the one thing that they value the most, Read More...

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