Sara Jennings- Vice President and CFO of Taxidermy Direct, LLC.

Sara Jennings is a land ethic driven business owner. She received her B.S. In Forestry Natural Resources from U.W. Madison in 1995 and returned in 2002 to attend the U.W. Farm and Industry Short Course. She spent 6 years in the environmental restoration industry before becoming the 4th generation Owner/Operator of her family farm. Sara loves farming’s rewards and planted a 7 acre native prairie to add habitat to its bounty. In 2015 she cofounded Taxidermy Direct with her husband, John, bringing online Taxidermy business management software to the modern tech savvy Taxidermist. While staying grounded in her roots and commitment to family and business, Sara also enjoys keeping a global perspective, having traveled throughout the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean & Russia.

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John Jennings - President, Taxidermy Direct, LLC.

John Jennings is an information technology leader providing corporate infrastructure services to global manufacturing companies since 1994. John’s 20+ years of experience now guides the direction of five data centers and IT services in ten countries. An engineer by trade and artist by heart, he owned and operated a successful taxidermy studio, Heads or Tales Taxidermy, before marrying his wife, Sara, in 2007. They continue their family tradition of operating Sara’s family farm, now in its 5th generation. John is a life-long learner and innovator and has his eyes set on revolutionizing the taxidermy industry. He is committed to creating unique value for taxidermists by impacting their lives directly and meaningfully through technology-enabled business innovation.

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