Issue 125, Spring 2017

Understanding the TAX in Taxidermy

Issue 121, Spring 2016

How Much Do Taxidermists Make?

Breakthrough Magazine

Larry Blomquist - "In addition to being a taxidermist and publisher, I consider myself a businessman. I ran a successful taxidermy studio for 35 years, I started and ran a successful taxidermy supply company for 14 years before I sold it, and I have had good success as a publisher and trade show promoter. I am not trying to brag on my accomplishments, but to let you know that my praise for John Jennings' knowledge of business and how it relates to taxidermy is based on many years of experience, learning, practicing, in addition to making mistakes and correcting them. The words he writes and speaks in my opinion are “right on” and I am proud to have the opportunity to publish his articles."

"His advice and insight are paramount to developing and running a sound taxidermy business. For years I have hoped to fill a gap related to business practices that we only occasionally publish information on. Employing solid business practices is as important to your success in taxidermy as the quality of your work. When both knowledge of business and quality taxidermy come together, you will have the ingredients necessary for success."

"Be sure to visit John’s web site at to learn about his software for taxidermists. You can also send him a question by email for advice or an idea for a future article in BREAKTHROUGH:"

Issue 123, Fall 2016

Cost Accounting

Issue 120, Winter 2016

Making a Profit in Taxidermy

Issue 122, Summer 2016

Are You Charging What You Deserve?

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