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New Features

​We Released Three Bug Fixes on 10/28/2016
The invoices would display on screen, but wouldn't print. The form was too wide causing the preview to not display / print.  This has been resolved.

An error was identified on the sales tax report.  Sales tax due on cash received was calculated incorrectly. This has been resolved.

When back-dating orders, the create date would record a one day difference. This was due to Microsoft Azure's time zone setting. We've accounted for this time zone difference and the system now records the correct date.

We Released a Couple of New Enhancement Requests on 10/28/2016

We addressed a performance issue in the client / supplier screens. The screen should be much faster now, regardless of how many clients you have recorded.

Canceled orders have been removed from the default view on the Order Management screen.

Taxidermy Direct® YouTube Channel

If you would like to see a specific tutorial please let me know. If you have questions, most likely other people do to. I will continue to add videos as requested and as time allows.

Our entire video library can be found on our YouTube Channel

New Business Articles Published

"Are you Charging the Price You Deserve" was published in Breakthrough's summer issue - #122.  Please check it out.

"Beware the Elk Cloner Virus!" was published to our business blog The Buck Stops Here®