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New Features

We will be releasing a major core upgrade to the system on February 13, 2017. This upgrade specifically addresses compatibility issues with the Microsoft Edge browser. Supported browsers now include Edge, Internet Explorer (10 and 11), Chrome (my favorite), Firefox, and Safari. If your computer can run one of these modern browsers you can run Taxidermy Direct​®

We Released Several Bug Fixes on 2/13/2017

The Revenue and Expense charting widgets on the dashboard now display a rolling 12 months.

The client management screen now has a 'memory'. Your filter and group settings will stay when you leave the screen and re-open it.

We lengthened the number of characters for the Sales Tax field. You can now enter 3 digits to the right of the decimal point. (Specifically requested for our Minnesota taxidermists!)

New Workflows can now be assigned at the Species level.

Job Measurements can now be assigned at the Species level.

You can now change the date on Invoice Payments.

Cleaned up some labels on the Client screen and typos on the Bulk Email feature.

When grouping invoices in the Invoice Management screen the scroll bar would disappear. This has been resolved.

Links for the Users Guide, Contact Us, and About Us have been corrected.

Based on customer feedback we are rolling out many new enhancements too.

The Migratory Bird Log now lists all birds, in descending order by date. They will always stay on the list regardless if the job has been completed or paid for. No need to keep a separate hard-copy book for the USFW.

We are also introducing Migratory Bird Tags and Taxidermy Tags! You will now have the ability to print both styles of tags at the job level. If the specimen is a migratory bird you will see the migratory bird tag, everything else will display the 'standard' taxidermy tag. You can print, and reprint, the tags as needed.  They will print on 8.5" x 11" plain paper. To protect the tag in the freezer it's recommended to put them in a plastic Ziploc® bag first, then put this plastic bag with the animal or bird.

We lengthened the number of characters for the State field. You can now enter up to 25 characters for the state. Previously, we were limited to two. This should accommodate our international customers.

We added a Company field on the Client screen, specifically for those taxidermists doing business with sporting goods stores (Cabelas, Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, etc.)

Help guides have been added within the system for the screen you are on.

Taxidermy Direct® YouTube Channel

If you would like to see a specific tutorial please let me know. If you have questions, most likely other people do to. I will continue to add videos as requested and as time allows.

Our entire video library can be found on our YouTube Channel

New Business Articles Published

"Cost Accounting" was published in Breakthrough's fall issue - #123.

"How Well do You Know Your Competition?" was published in Taxidermy Today's latest issue (Nov/Dec)

"When Bears Attack: How to Run a Profitable Taxidermy Studio" was published to our blog The Buck Stops Here®

"Understanding the TAX in Taxidermy" was published to our business blog The Buck Stops Here®