New Features

​We Released Two Bug Fixes on 8/13/2016
An informational message was added when you are trying to add a Species to a Pose. The species needs to exist in the Species screen first. If it doesn't the system will tell you.

You can now delete an invoice line. The printed invoice displays correctly.

We Released One New Enhancement Requests on 8/13/2016

The Trophy Location report now has column headers on every page instead of just the first page.

Other Enhancements We are Working On

Migratory Bird Log

Sorting Clients by Last Name instead of First Name. We will split the name column into First Name and Last Name. This will allow you to sort ascending or descending by first or last name.

We've had two separate requests to automatically add a Client from the Quick Order screen if the client does not exist in the system. Due to cost to implement we are going to keep this on our enhancement list for now. I did record a work around video that may be helpful with entering orders and / or clients.  

You can watch it here -

Taxidermy Direct® YouTube Channel

If you would like to see a specific tutorial please let me know. If you have questions, most likely other people do to. I will continue to add videos as requested and as time allows.

Our entire video library can be found on our YouTube Channel

New Business Article Published

"What's the Use...and Other Sales Tax Questions?" was published to our business blog The Buck Stops Here®

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