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New Features

​We Released Two Bug Fixes on 9/7/2016
If an order had multiple jobs and you completed on job from the dashboard the other jobs would be removed. Only completed jobs will be removed now.

Invoices consisting of just shipping charges were printing at $0. Now the shipping charge appears on the invoice regardless if there are any invoice lines.

We Released Many  New Enhancement Requests on 9/7/2016

Sales Tax Report - The sales tax report has three different reporting options. Use the one most appropriate to your operations for when you recognize revenue.

  • If you report all of your revenue at the time the order is taken you'll want to use the first sales tax grid.
  • If you report all of your revenue at the time the order is paid in full you'll want to use the second sales tax grid.
  • If you report your revenue only when cash is collected you'll want to use the third sales tax grid.

Use Tax Report - The use tax report uses the methodology described in my blog article on sales and use tax.

What's the Use...and Other Sales Tax Questions?

We added a first name and last name field to sort your client list. This will allow you to find and sort ascending or descending by first or last name.

Other Enhancements We Are Working On

Migratory Bird Log

Ability to add / change the primary email address used for your studio

Taxidermy Direct® YouTube Channel

If you would like to see a specific tutorial please let me know. If you have questions, most likely other people do to. I will continue to add videos as requested and as time allows.

I had a request to add a meat processing business to Taxidermy Direct®. This is a complimentary business to taxidermy. The system is flexible enough to allow for many different business processes. I recorded a short video demonstrating how the meat processing was setup. If there are other business processes that you use and need help with please send me an email with the description of your business. I'll tinker with the process and see if it can be setup.

Meat Processing Business -

Our entire video library can be found on our YouTube Channel

New Business Article Published

"Do You Steal from Your Business?"  was published to our business blog The Buck Stops Here®